Start ups

At IMFS, we love start-ups. It is great to have an idea and the possibility to create a business from it. Once you have a name and a mission statement, you will have to start thinking about marketing. And sales. Maybe you believe ‘things will take off automatically’ because you believe in the idea and in your network. But nothing is less true; as soon as you launch your idea, competitors will try to copy elements or the whole idea and boost the concept with their extra marketing support.

That’s why you need to think a solid launch-strategy before you start up anything. Where are your clients, are they in need of your service, or is this a need they don’t know yet? Are they searching for you right now, who are your competitors, what can you learn from them? How are you planning on promoting your services, do you have partnerships, do you have a database to use email marketing? Do you know what SEO, SOI, and SEA are and how to use them for your benefit?

So many questions that need to be asked and answered before you start. It is easy to create a simple website or to make an App, but like with everything in life: ‘you get what you give’. If you don’t give enough energy to marketing, the market won’t find you.

At IMFS we’ve helped many start-up companies. It’s all about design, writing SEO online content, producing ‘how to’ videos to make your idea understandable for a larger audience, seed your idea with PR messages and smartly use email marketing to grow your business. If you are starting up, and you want to do it well, come and talk to us. We are flexible in pricing that can grow within your growing budget over the years.

The first analysis of your concept and the market is on us. Interested?