City Marketing

City marketing is the promotion of a city or area. Regarding inbound marketing, city marketing is a great way to get more international visitors from abroad. City promotion is for International Marketing for Sales a mix of all expertise we have for hotels, real estate, and innovation.

Boost traffic to your booking page

We will tap into your local agenda and highlight local events that could be attractive to foreign visitors. We will find new editorial angles for content and generate PR in other countries as we will involve traditional media in our city marketing strategy. Once a message written, it is not the beginning; it is just the start that must be told many times. Combining digital marketing with traditional media is a win-win; they will use the content for print and online, and the total sum of all our activities will boost the traffic to your website and booking page.

Identify your audience for city marketing

Of course, your city is open to everybody, but you will know from the origin of your foreign audience. Identify your markets, and we will boost growth from that market. Or maybe you want to be found by a new audience; we can launch your city and its activities in many ways and all media. International Marketing for Sales will seed the content in that local language and make sure it can be found in online agenda’s, directories and of course Google.

Of course, it depends on budgets; how much are you investing in inbound marketing and what is the ROI (return on Investment)? At IMFS we can track all our activities and based on our experience, we are sure to generate more visitors, leads, and bookings. There is a basic content formula that works. On top of that, we can assist you in doing more significant things, such as social media campaigns that include video production.