About IMFS

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Welcome to International Marketing for Sales. IMFS is a multi-lingual content communication agency based in The Netherlands, exploring new worlds for our clients. The Dutch have always been active in international waters and sales trade; even our country domain extension .nl stands for New Leads. Dutch are keen on generating business; it’s in our DNA and heritage for more than four hundred years. Read about our VOC history.

Today, we’re sailing on the Internet in an ocean of words, navigating on creativity and algorithms. Our horizon is a deadline, taken by each online publication. Let the word out and raise the content flag.

On your behalf, we connect with new people, who are searching the Internet for a solution, offered by your company. With high-quality content written by native and seasoned journalists and copywriters, we can bring your website high in Google, bringing the ultimate answer to specific questions in Google. The only legal and smart way to generate organic search traffic to your site.

Once the traffic and the connection are made, it’s a matter of bringing the visitors on board. Nurture them with dripping e-mails, turn them into leads and finally new customers.

Your company flag waves high on each digital vessel we set up for you. Our teams operate with your business mission in mind to explore, promote and to bring in new clients for you. IMFS will search (and find) new customers in countries you have never been before. We are commercial with a creative mind….and Dutch. That’s all you need to empower your international sales strategy!

Contact us for more info@imfs.nl