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My name is Ab Kuijer and I’m the founder of International Marketing for Sales. We help companies to generate more leads and sales from other countries. Our services have a great track record of international clients that saw their foreign sales leads grow with 500%.

You might think; “Europe is a large and interesting market to sell my products to, but it’s a complicated operation with lots of different languages to handle and therefore too expensive.”

And it is; doing sales the traditional way is expensive: setting up a ‘multi-lingual European hub’  that will start building your sales network can be costly from Day 1. Your sales manager will begin with cold calling prospects, visiting trade expo’s and trying to get some serious business to cover your costs.

Expand your international sales the smart, digital way

When prospects search for a solution to improve their business, your company should show up and talk to them, in the local language. This is what we can achieve for you. Foreign business prospects with the right client profile will find your business on their local search engine. It’s simply matching question and demand with your business as best result.

We don’t sell databases, we build them for you

Sending e-mails to prospects is great, but only if they signed up for your newsletter. You can hire e-mail addresses, but nobody likes being spammed. At least we don’t. We will transform your company website into a source of specified information about your product. People will find you and ask for more information. Or they subscribe to your newsletter. From there we can start to nurture your true prospects with regular mailings and drip-mailings.

Your website reputation will grow

The more quality content you have on your website, the stronger it gets. With the latest update, Google likes websites best with fresh content demonstrating expertise about your specific market. With quality content, tagged images and backlinks we turn your site from a digital brochure into a powerful lead generator.

Free analysis about your content

Interested in our digital, dynamic and pro-active approach? Fill in the form below and we will send you – without any obligations – a strategic proposal based on your input. You will also receive more details on how we work and why the virtual reputation of your company will make the difference in the near future. The next generation customers are online and won’t be visiting trade shows anymore.

You will be surprised how affordable and highly effective it will be for your company. To give you an idea; for the price of one employee, you hire a complete team. Our services are so effective that we will guarantee new leads within 3 months. Expand your business using the smart digital way and discover a new way of sales!

Ab Kuijer

Team leader Europe – Captain Content

Author of ‘Think Small, Grow Big‘ (Cosimo Publishers NYC)



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